Reversed refurbishment in Sluis


We usually leave the housing and replace the interior of parking machines. In Sluis we do it the other way around this time! An existing interior with a brand new housing.

Modern interior

In Zeeuws-Vlaanderen lies the beautiful town of Sluis, close to the Zeeland coast. The parking meters there have been on the streets for many years. We installed various with new components inside the meters few years ago. The Chipknip disappeared and bank card payments were supported. The machines function fine and can last for many years to come.

Coastal elements take their toll

Only, the housing suffers heavily, so close to the windy Dutch coast. Beach and sea constantly cause sandblasting with moist salty air. After many years on the streets, the parking meters are not so nice and tidy anymore. So what are we going to do about this? Replace them of course, with brand new housings, and with an extra armor so they can withstand the salty elements of Zeeland for a long time to come.

Environmentally friendly

This is how we refurbish in Zeeland, in an unusual but very environmentally friendly way. In addition, the parking meters can be converted to solar energy if required. Which is even better!

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