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TMC is specialized in on street parking and offers a wide range of possibilities. From new parking machines to refurbished ones that have already proven their worth on the street, with a monochrome display, colour screen or user-friendly touchscreen.

But TMC also offers solutions for parking lots. With camera parking, a closed car park changes in an open and user-friendly parking location. And with ParkClean maintenance products, you’ll keep your machines in optimal condition, or should we do that for you?

Pre-paid parking

A parking meter is an ideal instrument to regulate on street parking. Location, target audience and community needs and wishes determine the type of the parking meter and the requirements it must meet. TMC offers various designs to suit every deployment and budget.

Post-paid parking

Post-paid parking offers parkers more rest while doing their shopping. The parker doesn’t have to worry about when his parking time ends, thus he stays in the city longer. A win-win situation for both parker and retailer. TMC offers Minipark camera parking, a user friendly post-paid parking system.

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Thorough preventive maintenance is the basis for the stable functioning of your mobility systems. Unfortunately it cannot prevent for components to unexpectedly fail. TMC has well-trained and fully equipped service engineers and a service response team, which are there for you in any situation.


Linking your mobility solution-management applications offers unprecedented opportunities for the mobility of your city. Not only does it provide quick access to all your applications, it also offers opportunities for comprehensive management reports, policy decisions and of course information-based enforcement.


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