TMC takes its social responsibility very seriously. On one hand by having an eye for nature and the environment. We separate our waste flows, we use less water and energy and we are in favor of sustainable reuse of our products.

In addition, we also try to do our bit for people and animals in other ways. TMC and the holding company Waysis contribute in different ways. For example, we support the De Hond Kan De Was Doen foundation, War Child and Save the Children.

De Hond Kan De Was Doen foundation

The De Hond Kan De Was Doen foundation (literally: The dog can do the laundry) supports team training for people and assistance dogs. Qualified and experienced instructors teach people, both adults and children, with a physical disability how to train their own dogs as service dogs. A fantastic and intensive process in which humans and dogs learn to optimally work together. Objective: to increase independence, both at home and away from home.

For example, an assistance dog literally and figuratively open doors, but also drawers and cupboards. He helps with dressing and undressing, picks up mail and other things, does groceries, presses light and lift buttons, barks on command and even do the laundry if necessary.


Photo: © Erik van 't Wout


War Child

Never before so many children have grown up in a war situation. One in five worldwide. A war scars children for life. Something can be done about this with the right psychosocial help. War Child also conducts research, focusing not only on children at war, but also on their immediate environment such as parents and teachers. In this way War Child works with children and (if possible) their environment to work on their self-confidence by providing the right support, organizing education and developing the right skills.

Save the Children

Save the Children helps children in need. The organization is actively involved worldwide for children who have fallen victim to war violence, (natural) disasters and / or famine. Their mission is to save lives and save the dreams and future of children. Medical care, proper nutrition and information save lives. Learning to read and write, but also learning about children's rights, job opportunities, peace and security offer opportunities for a better future.



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