A parking chain is exactly what it says, a chain of systems, data exchanges and communication protocols and the responsibilities often lie with different parties. With ChainControl, we keep an eye on the various components in the parking chain, see exactly where possible a disruption may occur so we can act immediately.

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  • Insight into the entire parking chain
  • Discover deviations from the norm
  • Resolve a problem before it occurs

24/7 checks

ChainControl monitors the entire parking chain 24/7, fully automated. The checks are based on expected behavior; we collect data and use it to determine how the systems normally function, at that location, at a certain moment. If the behavior then deviates, we know something is wrong.

If a component does not function as defined, a notification is sent immediately to the stakeholders involved. Depending on the disruption, a specific follow-up process starts.



Complete management or do it yourself

We use ChainControl ourselves for cities for which we provide complete management. Because we have a great deal of knowledge of all the systems in the chain, we can provide excellent support for the city. The city can of course also get access and monitor the systems of their city themselves.

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