Earn as little as possible with a parking meter


The city of Volendam doesn’t want to ban coaches who park in the city center; it just wants to discourage it, to limit the nuisance in the monumental Zuiderzee town. And the parking meter is the means to achieve this.

City roads blocked

Every day, hundreds of tourists enjoy the authentic atmosphere in Volendam and the view of the harbor and the Markermeer. And how do those tourists come to the picturesque town? Right, mostly by bus. Many coaches park in a bus parking lot in the town which often results in inconvenience.

Parking at the center

There are also parking lots on the outskirts of the city, but most coach drivers avoid these, because they prefer to park as close to the city center as possible. The city doesn’t want to close the parking lot in the center for the buses, but discourage parking there. That will happen now due to a new parking meter from TMC.

Behavioral change

What the city wants to achieve is a behavioral change. The parking meters in the center have a relatively high parking rate for coaches. Parking in that area is still possible, but it’s quite expensive, while the parking lots on the outskirts of Volendam remain free of charge. Hopefully drivers will soon choose wisely...

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