Pre-paid parking

Pre-paid parking

Municipalities put a lot of energy in regulating scarce public space. Ideally, they want fewer cars on the streets, but they also want to be an attractive and foremost an easily accessible destination. TMC works with you to find a solution, to find the right balance between accessibility and quality of life.

  • Increase accessibility of the city
  • Keep the public space affordable
  • User friendly parking meters
  • Recognizable, safe and high quality
  • Fit any application and budget

Free or paid parking

Paying or not paying for parking is an ongoing debate between municipalities and entrepreneurs. Molested ticket machines in the UK city of Cardigan suddenly led to an increased turnover for local entrepreneurs, causing different retail experts to immediately point to the benefits of free parking.

Research in the Netherlands has shown that (for both small and large shopping areas) there is no causality between the spending of shoppers and whether and how much they have to pay for parking. Knowledge platform CROW also indicates that people won’t let their choice for a shopping area depend on the parking fees. Paid parking will regulate street parking.


The parking meter

A parking meter is an ideal instrument to regulate street parking. Location, audience and community needs determine the type of machine and the requirements it must meet. TMC offers various types to suit every application and budget.

Paid parking is often experienced as annoying. To serve the parker as best and as quick as possible, clear and simple communication is desirable. Our machines are designed in such a way that it is directly clear how to buy a parking right.

It doesn’t matter what type of parking meter is preferred. All meters offer a high degree of visibility, safety and quality, and can be fitted with various options and features.

The parking meters are continuously developed, so that you are always assured of a parking meter that fits your needs, designed according to the latest developments.

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