Number plate parking

Number plate parking

Parking could be better, more efficient and easier for both the parker and the municipality. Many cities have set new parking policies, complete with modern terms such as number plate parking, digital parking, number plate registration, digital enforcement, number plate scanning, etc.

  • No parking ticket behind the windscreen
  • Digital processing of parking permits
  • Efficient enforcement with number plate scanning
  • Fully automatic enforcement with a scancar
  • Parking statistics from central Parking Rights DataBase

Everything number plate based

With number plate based parking, paper is a thing of the past. The parker buys his parking right at the parking meter, where he enters his number plate. He doesn’t get a ticket anymore, his number plate is stored in a Parking Rights DataBase (PRDB). He can also use mobile phone parking to register his parking action.

The municipality can also issue parking permits digitally. These plate numbers are also stored in the PRDB and the licensees doesn’t have to put the permit in his car.


Introducing number plate parking

To introduce (ticketless) number plate parking, TMC recommends a transition in three stages. This will gradually prepare the city and parkers for number plate parking.


1 - Number plate on ticket

The new (or modified) parking meters are installed on the street, the parker will be asked to enter his plate number and this plate number is printed on the ticket. The ticket should still be placed behind the windshield of the car, and there is no number plate based enforcement. This helps the parkers accustom to entering their plate number at the parking meter.

2 - Number plate based enforcement

The entered plate numbers are stored in a central PRDB. The ticket with printed plate number no longer has to be placed behind the windshield, enforcement agents can check the parking ticket or use the number plate to check the parking right. This helps the parkers accustom to ticketless number plate parking.


3 - Ticketless number plate parking

In the last phase, the parking ticket is no longer printed. The enforcement agents scan the number plates of parked vehicles and check them in the central PRDB.

Digital enforcement

With the end of paper parking tickets and paper permits, the enforcement agent on street doesn’t have to walk up to parked cars to look behind the windshield. The PRDB makes it possible to check the number plates whether a valid parking right is obtained. This is possible, for example, with the Bluebrick enforcement app or the ScanGenius scancar.

Enforcement app

With an enforcement app like Bluebrick, an enforcement agent can scan the number plates of parked vehicles. Each scanned plate number is checked immediately at the PRDB. When there is no valid parking right found for a plate number, a pop-up appears. The enforcement agent can now issue a fine and place it on the vehicle.



The ScanGenius scancar travels the streets at normal speed, while continuously scanning the number plates of parked vehicles. Each scanned plate number is checked immediately at the PRDB. If a vehicle doesn’t have a valid parking right, an enforcement agent can be sent to the vehicle to issue a fine. Complete automation is also possible. At night the system automatically checks the number plates a second time at the PRDB. If there is still no valid parking right found, the system will automatically create a fine.

Number plate registration mandatory?

Proper entering your plate number on a parking meter is not mandatory. This is the result (in Dutch) from a statement done by the Amsterdam District Court on January 30, 2015 in the legal case filed by the Privacy First Foundation. The judge declared an imposed parking fine invalid, because the parker could show by means of a receipt that he had paid his parking fee. Entering a number plate is not the only way of proving that a parking fee is paid.


The ruling does not alter the way how paid parking and parking enforcement is handled in Amsterdam. If no (correct) plate number is entered, a parking fine is issued. If the parker does not agree with this, he can file an objection with the municipality. If he can prove that he has paid for parking, then the objection is upheld and the parking fine is invalidated.

More info?

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