Loyalty card

An impulse for your retailers

An attractive city centre is valuable for every city. The city-bound loyalty card is the best way to lure shoppers back to the city centre. With this "customer card", shoppers can save for discount at retailers, for free items or actions at affiliated stores, and the saved points can also be used to pay street parking fees.

  • The link between mobility and retailers
  • Attract more visitors to the city
  • Retain paid parking revenue
  • Possibility of targeted marketing actions by retailers
  • Attractive discounts and actions for shoppers

Paid parking and retailers

An attractive city centre is a great asset to every city. And foremost a city centre with a great variety of shops and lots of visitors. Because the store visit seems to decrease, retailers have set their hopes on free parking to encourage more and longer-term customer visits.

Cities, on the other hand, want to maintain paid parking, to regulate parking pressure and generate income. These two principles seem to conflict.



Support the retailer

The city-based loyalty card provides offers a great opportunity. This "customer card" has a unique barcode and is also available as a smartphone app. With the loyalty card, shoppers can save for discount, free items or actions at affiliated stores.

The saved points can now also be used to pay street parking fees. In this way, retailers return parking fees to their customers and the system encourages to buy from participating parties.

How does the loyalty card work?

The customer goes shopping. At checkout, the retailers scans the barcode on the card or smartphone and the points are automatically saved. The customer can then pay with these saved points, for example at other stores, but also at the parking meters.

According to research by the Tilburg University, as many as 82% of customers come back more often and 65% of customers are likely to spend more. With this the loyalty card is the link between mobility and retailers. The system ensures revenue from paid parking and encourages visitors to visit the city centre.

Instructional video FlipPas

To make the city more attractive, the city of Tiel has introduced the city-based loyalty card. The FlipPas can also be used to pay at the parking meters.


Win-win concept

Retailers can distinguish themselves from the competition with the use of the fast, simple, safe and efficient savings system through targeted marketing actions. They attract more customers and customers return more often.

For retailers, it's convenient that a single card is valid at all participating stores, which allows to save for discounted shopping and parking.

All in all, this leads to more activity and a more attractive city centre, and not unimportant for the city, preserving the parking revenue.

More info?

Click on one of the links for more information about couponing on the Strada parking meter.

Our account managers are always willing to answer questions about the loyalty card. Feel free to contact us.


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