Camera parking


Camera parking

  • Pay only for how long you park
  • No stress for running out of parking time
  • Faster traffic flow at entry and exit
  • Convenient for parkers and retailers
  • Also possible with barrier

Open the exit

Camera parking, also called 'Minipark', is an alternative, post-paid parking system for closed parking locations such as parking lots and parking garages. Camera parking is unique; camera parking opens up the entry and exit.

This unique form of post-paid parking turns a closed parking lot into an open, accessible and foremost a user friendly place. Automatic number plate recognition cameras scan the number plates of all the vehicles entering and leaving the parking location which eliminates the need of a physical barrier.


Violations for the municipality

By opening up an area for camera parking - and after modifying the local parking regulations - the parking area changes into a fiscal area (according to Dutch laws). A chief tax inspector of the municipality may now approve the violations and export them for further processing. The parking fine, which is now an additional municipal tax, flows entirely to the bank account of the municipality.

User friendly

The open, accessible nature of a parking lot without barrier is of great value to many cities. The payment terminal is similar to the familiar on street parking meters, thereby improving the recognition and ease of use. Entering the number plate for camera parking is similar to on street number plate parking, which is introduced in more and more cities. Also cities acknowledge the benefits of usability and happy retailers and parkers.

More info?

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