TMC has its own repair department. Potentially defective products come in and will be tested and possibly adjusted. If necessary, parts will be replaced, so that the refurbished part can be used again, as good as new.

As all repairs are done in-house, without the involvement of the supplier, short repair times can be realized.

Every product which is offered for repair gets assigned a unique call number. It is registered so that the status of the repair can be accessed at any time. If the product has arrived at TMC, the client receives a confirmation by e-mail. When the repairs are finished they will receive another notification by e-mail. You will always be up to date.

More info?

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Our service department is always willing to answer questions about our service response teams. Feel free to contact us.


Taxameter Centrale B.V.
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1114 AD Amsterdam-Duivendrecht
The Netherlands

PO Box 94143
1090 GC Amsterdam
The Netherlands

Tel. +31 20 462 0 462


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