No matter how thorough your preventive maintenance, unfortunately it cannot prevent for components to unexpectedly fail, causing your mobility systems to be out of order. For these situations, the TMC service response team is there for you.

  • Regional service response teams
  • Fast response times
  • Regional stock warehouses
  • 24/7 telephone service desk

Regional service response teams

To quickly and adequately respond to malfunctions TMC has regional service response teams throughout The Netherlands. The needs for each region are continuously evaluated. Several regions have a permanent technical occupation with their own stock of spare parts and backup from the main warehouse in Amsterdam. This way TMC can guarantee fast response times.


Telephone service desk

Through continuous monitoring faults can be caught early. Faults can also be reported by telephone 24/7 to the service desk of TMC. During business hours, you will be immediately connected to a technical specialist. Outside these hours TMC guarantees contact with one of the specialists within a maximum of 1 hour. In practice this is on average within 10 minutes.

TMC Academy

For the city workers responsible for offering primary support in case of system malfunctions or errors, TMC offers various courses in the TMC Academy. During these courses, the participants will receive all instructions needed to solve any malfunction or error. They are trained in the proper handling of the supplied technical equipment and monitoring systems.

More info?

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Our service department is always willing to answer questions about our service response teams. Feel free to contact us.


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