Stelio parking meter


The Stelio parking meter

  • Proven reliability
  • Easily fitted T-Pal upgrade kit
  • Color screen and modern payment methods
  • Extend the operational lifespan
  • Housing can be fitted with (full-color) wrapping

Introduced in 1997 and because of its robustness still a familiar sight in the streets. Despite production of the well-known version halted in 2011, there are plenty of reasons to give the Stelio parking meter a renewed introduction with a new Stelio T-Pal upgrade kit.

The idea of ease of use and technical developments have continued to evolve in recent years. For example, the latest Strada parking meters are available with color screens and various payment methods, like the modern debit card payment methods like Dip & Go and Tap & Go.


Why upgrade?

Replacing all the parking meters is very costly and time consuming. Do you look for technical innovation and modern payment methods, but are your Stelio parking meters machines still in good condition? Then the Stelio T-Pal upgrade kits are the right solution. Upgrading extends the operational lifespan.

A T-Pal upgrade kit is much cheaper than a completely new parking meter and the appearance of the meter hardly changes, so acceptance by users is significantly faster.

The upgrade kit gives the Stelio parking meter a large and bright color screen for optimal ease of use. In our strive for optimal ease of use, the physical buttons are replaced by a capacitive touchboard. Optionally, the touchboard can be fitted with different keyboard lay-outs. Add a (full-color) wrapping to the machine to also upgrade its appearance.


  • Display: 7" color screen
  • Interface: Touchboard (buttons or fullsize ABC or QWERTY keyboard for numberplate parking)
  • Payment options: Coins, debit cards, credit cards, Dip & Go, Tap & Go
  • Printer: Graphical thermal printer
  • Data connection: 3G connection to back-office
  • Power: Solar panel, connected to public lighting, mains
  • Can be fitted with (full-color) wrapping


More info?

Click on one of the links for more information about pre-paid parking with the Stelio parking meter.

Our account managers are always willing to answer questions about the Stelio parking meter and the T-Pal upgrade kit. Feel free to contact us.


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