Conversion and new parking meters for the city of Franekeradeel


The city of Franekeradeel gave its parking meters a major upgrade. TMC has, to full satisfaction of the municipality, equipped 17 existing Strada parking meters with an upgrade kit and delivered an additional 10 terminals.

With this conversion and extension, the city of Franekeradeel futureproofed its parking meters in a sustainable way. The municipality decided to upgrade their existing Strada parking meters, which were still in good condition, with an Evolution upgrade kit including a touchboard interface.

The 10 "new" parking meters that were delivered are so-called Strada Refurbished parking meters. TMC has a number of "used" machines in storage, which can be given a second chance on the street. Equipped with an Evolution kit with touchboard interface, they can last for years as well.

With the upgrade the terminals has also switched from cash to debit card only payment, through Dip & Go. This gives the parker greater security and faster transaction times. Together with the conversion of the parking meters, the city of Franekeradeel also introduced mobile phone parking, so parkers can now also use providers like Yellowbrick to pay their parking fee.

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