Carefree in Culemborg


TMC is happy to take care of cities as much as possible. One of our excellent services is complete care and management. And Culemborg no longer cares about it. Our help came at just the right time...

The helping hand

Sometimes it just isn’t your day. Things run differently than planned and you can definitely use some help. Recognizable? In Culemborg management and maintenance of the parking machines came under pressure due to unforeseen circumstances. In those cases, TMC can offer a solution.

Complete management; outstanding service

In Culemborg we now do the complete management with experienced staff. We offer a response time of four hours from Monday to Saturday. The TMC telephone number is on the parking machines so parkers with questions directly call us, reports of malfunctions are sent directly to our service organization and we can immediately address and handle complaints.

Always stand-by

In addition, we monitor the systems 24/7, which means we are ahead of most failures. The city knows exactly what we do, when and why, because we carefully report on our services, every month.

Also interested in a helping hand? Feel free to  contact us.

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